Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Traveling - Missouri

It has been a crazy summer which is why I have been absent a bit. Wedding planning, crazy schedule, and it's just plain summer, summers are crazy enough.

I was an usher for a friend's wedding and it was so great to see everyone. This is the second wedding I've been to at this chapel down in Arkansas and both have been beautiful.  So happy for my friends!

Emma loves car rides, this much I know, but boat rides was new to her and she loved it... Until we threw her overboard to see if she like swimming in the lake... she didn't. She made a beeline for me. I almost went under because she literally climbed me to get to higher ground. I am the little white blur behind the little red head in the picture below. (sorry for the poor quality)


We had a wedding shower and spent some time at antique malls and at the lake and lots of time with family. The lake is one of my favorite places to spend time relaxing.

Road trips provide some great sights, I loved this sign. 



  1. that chapel looks so amazing! they picked the perfect spot for their wedding!

    lindsey louise

  2. What a fun trip! Your dog is adorable! And she's also not alone, my dog HATES swimming too! She won't even go near the water haha

    1. Thanks! I think she is pretty great. we need to figure out how to get our dogs to swim.