My name is amber
My friends call me amberZon or Zon.
I'm tall like an amazon, hence amberZon
amberZonbie is just a play off of it.

Joplin, Missouri native currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I started this blog partly to share my life and adventures with my family back home and to share random projects I have been working on. 
 I consider most days and fun times an adventure. 
I have what a friend affectionately calls "active head." Focusing can be a challenge (which you may pick up on in my blog posts). 

Activehead drives me to create and make. So I picked up sewing and other random crafty stuff about 7 or 8 years ago. 
Now I make clutches and put them in my shop, amberZonbie.
And then I collect pretty vintage things and put them in another little shop called Emma Jane.

Life is pretty good, I am blessed with an amazing fiance, I have an awesome family and friends both here in Pittsburgh and back home in Joplin.
Thankful for each day I am given.

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