Monday, May 06, 2013

Mason Jar Planter DIY featuring Christen of Two Happy Hearts and Kylie from Midnight and Dawn

Mason Jars, DIYs, cute twin bloggers... What could be better?! I am really pleased to share this DIY today by two super sweet friends that I really love watching and seeing what's going on in their lives via blogs and social media. You can't help but like all the cute things that they share. Their blogs are full of pretty inspiration and cuteness.
They collaborated together to share this fun DIY on amberZonbie today and I am tickled to share it with you.


Supplies Needed:
3 Wide Mouth Mason Jars (Quart Size)
4'x5.5" piece of wood (We used pine)
3 Screws - 5/8"
3 Potted Herbs (We used Rosemary, Parsley, and Leeks)
Extra potting soil
Pipe Clamps
Rocks for draining

Step 1 - Drill a pilot hole through the pipe clamp and wood. The screws will not go through the clamp without this pilot hole.
Step 2 - Screw the pipe clamps into place.
Step 3 - Place the mason jars in the clamps and tighten. This will give you an idea of what size your pipe clamps need to be. It will make things easier when the time comes to put the planted jars in! Then loosen just slightly, in order to take the jars out.
Step 4 - First plant the rocks, then the extra potting soil, and finally the herbs.
Step 5 - Place the planted jars in pipe clamps and tighten!

Extra tip - Our Dad suggested putting in a safety peg to help support the weight of the plants. He drilled a hole in the wood, directly underneath the jar, and hammered a wooden peg in place.

How to hang - There are a few different ways to hang this planter, but we chose a rope and wall hook. Make sure your hook is strong enough to support about 50lbs., to be on the safe side. We drilled two holes at the top, fed the rope through (back to front), tied a knot in the rope ends, and cut off the excess. It was a simple approach, and we really like how it turned out!

Enjoy your new indoor herb garden! Just make sure your herbs get sunlight and water ;)

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Thanks so much ladies!


  1. How do the herbs do inside since they need lots of direct sunlight?

    1. My kitchen is pretty sunny, so they did well! I also decided to take them off the wall and put them out in direct sunlight on my back porch for a few hours every day or so. That's the nice thing about the rope & wall hook hanging - you can take it down and move it into sunlight if needed!